Residential Decking in Harrogate

When it comes to decking, you don’t always have to use timber to create the perfect finish.

Residential Decking in Harrogate

Here at Fitrite Fencing and Decking Ltd we specialise in residential decking installations, ensuring all of our customers around Harrogate receive the help they need. Our specialist team of approved installers are always on hand to help and are some of the best decking fitters in the country. To add to this, we also offer 0% finance on all residential decking options that we have available and are FCA Accredited. For more details about our eco-friendly residential decking installations in Harrogate, please contact our team today.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Deciding to fit decking is an exciting decision to make. As well as adding value to your home, it uplifts your garden and creates the perfect space for relaxing or entertaining. Our team at Fitrite work across the Harrogate area to fit residential decking, working closely with each client to develop a plan that works for them.

Usually, timber deck boards are our first thought when we think of decking. However, there are many more eco-friendly options on the market. We use an alternative material which makes it easier for you to work towards a carbon-neutral goal.

As a result, our decks don’t contain any wood which means they don’t decay or rot. On top of this, they are 100% recyclable. Moreover, a low energy input is used to create these and because of this, nearly 80% less CO2 per ton is generated during manufacturing.

Why Use Our Decking?

At Fitrite we offer a revolutionary alternative to timber structures that doesn’t cost loads of money. There are lots of alternatives on the market, however ours is different. With a 10 year warranty and 0% finance available, you can enjoy a brand new outside space with ease.

Our residential decking boards are made in the UK and use first generation recycled PVC with a virgin PVC outer skin. A unique embossed pattern is added to the boards to give it non-slip properties that work during both wet and dry conditions.

Some of the key features include:

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Free From Cracks, Splinters, Twists and Warps
  • No Painting, Sealing, Staining or Varnishing
  • Resistant to Stains
  • Squeak and Creak Free
  • Waterproof (no mould or decay)

Our team are also able to install balustrades, fencing and lighting in Harrogate if this is something you require. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our frequently asked questions page.

About Our Process

When you discuss installing residential decking in Harrogate with our team, we’ll keep the process as simple as possible. All you need to do is make an enquiry through our website or social media channels and we will get back to you within 24 hours. A free of charge design consultation will then be set up so that we can find out what your vision is.

Using a team of Approved Installers, we will begin to fit the decking that you want. There are lots of different colours, such as:
Ash grey
Silver Birch
Warm beech

Additionally, we have several payment options available, with finance packages if needed.

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