Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fitrite right for you?

What is the difference between Fitrite at Home and Fitrite on Parks?
What is different about the Fitrite 10 Year Warranty?
Why is it best to choose an end-to-end service?
I have an old deck – do I have to remove it myself?
My garden isn’t level – is that a problem?
Why is the Subframe important when it won’t be visible?
Why shouldn’t I just choose the cheapest?
Does Fitrite offer real value for money?
What are the advantages of Fitrite decking over wooden decking?

Discover The Fitrite Range

Whether you are just looking for a Fitrite Deck, or adding Balustrading and Fencing for your entire outdoor space, you can learn more right here. Finish the project off with EasyConnect lighting, or official Fitrite Accessories.