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Manufactured in the UK, using first generation recycled PVC with a virgin PVC outer skin, Fitrite Deckboards are a low-maintenance, non-slip alternative to wooden decking.

The best alternative to wooden decking

Manufactured in the UK, using first generation recycled PVC with a virgin PVC outer skin, Fitrite Deckboards are a low-maintenance, non-slip alternative to wooden decking.

Unlike timber and composite deckboards, Fitrite deckboards contain no organic material, so will never rot or decay. Our boards are produced with low energy input and generate nearly 80% less CO2 per ton than rival products. In addition to this, our boards are 100% recyclable, further reducing the carbon footprint to having a deck. With a Fitrite deck, it is possible to have an outside seating area without felling any trees whatsoever.

The deckboard surfaces have a unique wood-grain effect which not only makes the boards look stunningly realistic, but also acts as the British Standard certified non-slip texture.

Remarkable aesthetics without compromise

Whether you are choosing a balustrade through necessity or desire, a Fitrite Balustrade will complement and enhance your deck.

Our balustrades are Load Tested to British Standard Certification requirements (BS6399-1:1996) and feature galvanised steel reinforced top and bottom rails. Their safety credentials make them ideal for Commercial applications, and have been trusted by football clubs, nursing homes, pubs, garden centres, swimming pools and more.

Our Picket foiling technique gives a textured woodgrain finish which perfectly complements your Fitrite Deckboards. Made from 100% recycled PVCu with a Renolit Foil outer shell, our industry-leading Pickets suit any decking style.

Different design, same peace of mind

Glass Balustrades are as safe as the Picket Balustrade range, with the benefit of acting as a wind-break and offering an unobstructed view.

Available in a range of styles and colours, Fitrite Balustrades give you the opportunity to exercise your flair and imagination in a way that others may often overlook. Pickets look more traditional, but glass balustrades offer a more contemporary feel.

Glass Balustrade offer unparalleled views and come in two distinct styles. Both options feature a 10mm safety glass panel resting inside a steel-reinforced bottom rail, and naturally give excellent protection from the wind. Option 1 comes with a second steel-reinforced rail, perfect for leaning on, while Option 2 gives an almost uninterrupted view of your garden.

The environmental impact

Plastic is not usually the first thing we think of when considering how to help the environment. But when we see the benefit it can offer, it swiftly becomes the sensible choice for decking.

Protecting your local

Our production process minimises the use of toxic chemicals and has a small carbon footprint ,protecting the environment around the factory. As you never need to stain or varnish your deck these harmful chemicals will never run off into your local ecosystem either.

Saving the

The best way to ensure that plastic doesn’t end up in the ocean is to recycle and re-use the plastic we already have - our boards are made from ethically sourced, recycled PVCu.

Responsible Deck Disposal

If you already have a wooden deck, our free Deck Replacement Service disposes of your old deck sustainably, recycling the wood where possible. If the old sub-frame is safe to be re-used, we will pass the saving on to you, and further reduce your impact on the environment.


Fitrite products are 100% recyclable, so if you ever decide you want a change you can do so with a clear conscience. However, with a 20-year warranty and the incredible durability of Fitrite deck boards, you may find you never need to replace a deck again.

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Slip resistant

The slip resistant qualities of Fitrite means that owners need not worry about using their deck during, or after wet weather; something which we are more than familiar with in the UK! Similarly, the slip resistance of the Fitrite deckboard combines with its water resistant properties to offer a perfect poolside surface. Furthermore, Fitrite deckboards are also idea for constructing entrance ramps and steps to increase accessibility without compromising on safety or style.

Wear resistant

A timber deckboard may be your first thought when thinking of something that will help the environment, but think again! Fitrite deckboards require no trees to be felled, nor wood to have toxic chemicals soaked in to slow down rotting. As a result, Fitrite deckboards are the alternative that will help you get closer to your carbon-neutral goal.

Decking standard features

No Varnishing, painting, sealing or staining

Completely waterproof so there will be no mould or decay

Easy to clean and maintain

Stain resistant

No splinters, twists, warps or cracks

No squeaks or creaks

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What you need to consider

We can easily appreciate how something looks, but we can’t always be sure how strong it is; This element of designing your decking system can often be overlooked or simply taken for granted. There are various systems on the market, all specifying a multitude of claims and statements about their products. It can therefore be very difficult to make a calculated and informed decision. Fitrite balustrades offer a comprehensive range of diverse designs and provides peace of mind as standard.

Long last balusters

Fitrite Direct cover a wide variety of different types of baluster. We have helped residential and commercial customers install balusters all over the United Kingdom. We have designed and fitted thousands of balusters using a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, wood and PVCu. Request a brochure or call us today to enquire about having custom balusters designed and fitted for your residential or commercial environment.

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How To Buy

Fitrite Fencing & Decking offers you quality products with value for your investment. Whether you are a homeowner looking to add value to your home, a Park Home owner looking to reduce the time you spend on maintenance or a commercial manager looking for the safest and most durable option for your outside space, we can help.