Benefits of uPVC Balustrading for Decking

December 9th, 2021 by

Making the most of your outside space can transform your home for the better. Most of us have a garden but not all of us are showcasing it as much as we could.

There are so many advantages to uPVC balustrading, from flexible design options and longevity to added security. Our blog this week at Fitrite Fencing & Decking Ltd looks into the benefits of uPVC balustrading for decking.

Staying Safe

When considering the benefits of uPVC balustrading for decking, safety is an essential feature. As decking is typically raised above ground level, you need to make sure that all safety elements are considered. Using non-slip decking will make a massive difference but adding balustrades to this increases security.

Any decks that are raised above 40cms from ground level should use balustrading. If you have small children or pets, this adds an element of security that can protect them and put your mind at rest.

Our team at Fitrite Fencing & Decking supply and install balustrades and railings for decking across the country. By choosing to add this element, you can make sure that you and others are as safe as possible.

Freedom of Design

Although, balustrades are not all about safety. Balustrades don’t need to be only about security. In fact, you have the complete freedom to select something that matches your style as well as any current decking you have.

There are several areas that you can customise, including:

Additional Accessories

Whether you want to add decorative lamps to your balustrades or a curved design, there is a lot of flexibility for design.  Alongside this, improving the aesthetics of your outside space can make your home more saleable later down the line. Future resale value is always worth thinking about when looking at home renovations.

Considering Sustainability

Plastic is not a material some might consider when making decisions based on environmental impact. However, using uPVC balustrading does not have to be harmful to the environment. Today there are plenty of environmentally friendly options to choose from, helping you to become for eco-conscious in your home. As well as being long-lasting, uPVC requires little maintenance giving you less to worry about.

The uPVC balustrades for decking provided by us at Fitrite Fencing & Decking are 100% recyclable. Sourced and made here in the UK, our team are able to fit balustrades, decking, fencing and more to homes across the country.

Balustrades for Years to Come

Because of the durable properties of the material, one of the main benefits of uPVC balustrading for decking is how long it lasts. This also ties into its sustainability. If you invest in something long-lasting, fewer resources go into replacing it.

uPVC balustrading is wear-resistant and will not warp or crack over time. Moreover, it is water-resistant and doesn’t need painting or varnishing to protect it from weathering and corrosion.

For more details about the benefits of uPVC balustrading for decking, please contact our team in Doncaster, South Yorkshire on 0800 304 7163 or via the contact form.

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