The EasyConnect lighting system by Fitrite is perfect for any environment, whether it’s around your garden or your park home. Simple to choose, and simple to use – EasyConnect is designed to offer you maximum flexibility while staying easy to understand.


First, choose your power supply – hard-wired or traditional plug.
Second, choose your controls and wiring – with the option of wireless or wired.
Finally, choose your lights – a range of recessed deck lighting, spot lighting and pathway lighting.


Install a Basic Control Box, or a Remote Switching and Dimming Control Box – or both. The Basic Control Box is operated with remote switches, while the Remote Switching and Dimming Control Box is supplied with it’s own remote control fob. Each control box is equipped with an automatic fuse (10A / 2500W); this safely switches off the circuit in the event of any malfunctions.


A comprehensive range of quality built, double-insulated recessed light fittings are available to be flush-mounted into your decking. You can also add other brands of lights to your EasyConnect system using an adapter. This means you don’t need to replace your entire system when you want to upgrade.


Whether you want to highlight a garden feature or ornament, bathe a small area or wash a full wall in light our spotlights are ideal. Create the lighting landscape that suits your mood with soft bloom for a relaxing evening or vibrant hues for a party atmosphere. The only limit is your imagination.


EasyConnect bulbs have a variety of colours including Warm White and Bright White, as well as RBG offerings. These specially-made bulbs differ from standard indoor bulbs by being able to tolerate high a wider variety of temperatures, even when encased in an IP67 waterproof casing. This means they will last longer and perform better throughout their life, while at the same time they are safe and reliable.

Discover The Fitrite Range

Whether you are just looking for a Fitrite Deck, or adding Balustrading and Fencing for your entire outdoor space, you can learn more right here. Finish the project off with EasyConnect lighting, or official Fitrite Accessories.