Things to consider when planning your deck

Summer is around the corner and you’re thinking how to get your garden ready? Look no further than Fitrite! We have a wide range of decking to suit your needs. Even if you have already decided that you want to deck, there are still many things which you may want to consider. To make the thought process quicker and easier for you, we’re going to list some key things to remember when planning your deck.


Top of the garden or bottom? Up against a wall or free-standing in the middle of the garden? Will it be a feature, or will it enhance a feature? Picking the perfect location for your deck to live may have been determined before making your free survey appointment, however after meeting with one of our sales team you’ll know for sure. We’ll help you get the most out of your space, taking advantage of views whilst staying practical, and giving access where necessary.


Is your ground ready for a deck to be laid? If you’ve already had a deck down previously, you may be able to reuse an existing subframe – not only will this reduce costs, but if it was done properly in the first place it will have taken into consideration drainage and elevation.

You may also have electric cables which need to be thought about before your deck is installed; maybe you already have outside lights and therefore need to maintain access to their cables, or maybe you are having deck lights installed.

With our installation service which Fitrite offer you won’t have to worry about the groundwork, drainage or electrics – we make sure that this is all covered for you.

Design, Size & Shape

The design, size and shape of your new deck may be dependent on the location in which you decide to build it, but sometimes you can have whatever shape you want. Size is something to consider too – you may have a 5 metre deck in mind, but if you’ve chosen a 6 metre deck board you could extend your deck to 6m for no additional cost! Our design team can help you get the best value for money.

Extras: Balustrades and Lighting

At Fitrite we offer 3 different styles of picket balustrading, plus a range of glass balustrading for a more of a modern, clean appearance. These can help you section off areas of your garden to create space, or just simply act as a safety barrier or wind-break.

EasyConnect lighting is one of the best ways to bring your garden to life – we have a range of lights available not just for the deck but the garden as a whole.

With our easy connect lighting system supplied by Fitrite you are able to make your deck stand out, adding deck lights into your steps, or even your deck corners many options are available. We also offer a variety of balustrade, railing systems and steps that not only provide an extra element of safety but also add a stylish touch to your deck.

Discover The Fitrite Range

Whether you are just looking for a Fitrite Deck, or adding Balustrading and Fencing for your entire outdoor space, you can learn more right here. Finish the project off with EasyConnect lighting, or official Fitrite Accessories.