Deck Installation April 2019

Many often ask what the Fitrite deckboard is actually made of. In this blog post we explore how the Fitrite Deckboards are made and what makes it superior to other Composite and PVC deckboards.


To create the Fitrite deckboard we use a process referred to as co-extrusion.

Co-extrusion is the process of pressing two or more materials through the same die to produce a single piece.

The boards are extruded, embossed and guillotined all whilst online. These are then packaged in our stillages and shipped out ready to fit.

There are two materials that are used on the board. For the base of the deckboard we use a recycled 100% material, which is first generation recycled. For the skin we use a virgin PVCu skin. The reason a virgin PVCu skin is used on the face of the board is to increase durability, ensure a more unique finish and prevent fading. The skin of the board has the texture embossed online, guaranteeing our non-slip certification. Also giving its natural look. As we use first-generation recycled PVCu for the base and virgin PVCu for the skin this means that the deckboard is itself 100% recyclable.

Unlike some other PVC deckboards, our boards are hollow. This offers more advantages and an overall improved quality by making the structure lighter yet stronger. Inspired by Japanese earthquake-proof architecture, it allows a little flex in the structure and is therefore far less brittle. In the changeable British weather, this helps improve the life of the deck as well as keeping it well ventilated and removes any susceptibility to freeze-thaw cracking.

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