How to clean your PVCu decking

Equipment needed:

• Power Wash
• Cleaning Solution
• Hard Stiff brush
• Hot Soapy Water & Clean Cloth
• Step by Step guide

1.Preparing your deck

Make sure that all furniture is taken off the deck before any jet washing or the Fitrite cleaning solution is to be applied to the deck.

2. Removing Debris

Give your deck a quick sweep to ensure any debris and leaves are removed from the deck.

3.Cleaning Solution

For the quickest clean, use Fitrite Max cleaning solution. If you don’t have it, don’t worry! Skip to step 4.

The Fitrite cleaning solution is especially popular for cleaning balustrades, making your balustrades look brand new straight away.

When applying a cleaning solution to the deck work away 5cm sections at a time and use a cloth to remove noticeable dirt and grime.

4. Hot Soapy Water & Rinse

Hot soapy water can make your deck look brand new in no time, just gently wipe with a cloth- rinse off with a hose or jet washer.

Using hot soapy water and a clean cloth on your deck can also work just as well especially in large areas. Apply hot water with damp cloth and repeat across the deck until your deck is sparkling clean.

Once you’ve scrubbed a section, rinse off with a hose or a strong jet washer and move onto the next section until the entire deck is clean!

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