Deck Installation April 2019

A recent installation showing how a wooden deck can be upgraded to a Fitrite PVCu deck quickly and easily. This whole installation took only two days, including deck removal and disposal, with the glass being ordered to size after the posts were in place.

The first step in any deck after all the measuring is to pick the choice of colour; Fitrite have 9 unique deck board colours to pick from, and then a choice of balustrading and lighting to finish the deck.

Did you know that the use of current materials can save lots of time and cost?

In this install the customer used the existing subframe from their old deck as it wasn’t very old. Due to being protected from the worst of the elements and having no footfall on them, subframes often outlive the wooden deckboards that are placed on top of them so you may find that you can re-use your old subframe. Doing this saves on materials and labour costs, making an upgrade even more affordable.

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