The effects of sunlight on decking

What colour decking should I go for? What colour decking is available? What colour decking matches with…..? If you’re decking out your garden these questions are incredibly important – especially if you’re considering a deck that lasts as long as a Fitrite deck. At Fitrite we have a total of 7 colours of decking in a variety of different shades, as well as 11 different picket colours (and here’s a secret – we can colour-match those to your requirements!) Trying to decide on Ebony, or grey range or even or traditional range can be a hard decision. Don’t stress, there are a number of tips that help make choosing the right coloured deck a breeze that we are going to explore now.

The traditional colour group

Often when many think of decking they have the tendency to think about more traditional colours as many have had wooden decking for a long period of time. However, you make also be unsure on which colour you’d like your new deck to be, the chances may be that you have a colour group which you prefer. You may love the look of a natural wood deck and therefore more likely to lean towards the browner range. The best way in grouping all of the options is to think of them as ‘Greys’ and then ‘Traditional’ and picking which colour group is most suited to yourself so that you can make your decision process a whole lot smoother.

Think about your home

Your home is clearly the biggest feature of your outdoor living space so you will want your garden space to complement your home! By choosing a colour to match with your windows you ensure that your deck continues your living space to the outside uninterrupted. Choosing a contrasting colour is an excellent way to compartmentalise your space, making smaller gardens feel larger. Have bi-fold doors in Anthracite? We thoroughly recommend a Graphite or Ash Grey deck board coupled with an Anthracite edge.

The Grey Tones

The Grey range at Fitrite comes in 3 different shades; Anthracite, Graphite, and Ash Grey.

Dark tones can complement your home and give more of a modern look to your outdoor space. The Grey range is increasingly becoming more and more popular, check out some recent images and see what you think!

Be Unique

If you’re trying to create a huge visual impact, one thing you may want to consider is the shape of your deck! We’ve catered to customers wanting circular decking, multi-tiered platforms, firepits, hot tubs, swimming pools, ramps, curves, walkways, and even jettys over ponds. Our easy connect lighting can make your deck stand out especially in the evening, creating a uniqueness to your home. A final way in which you can make your deck stand out is by choosing your balustrade option, choosing a glass option can make your deck look much more eye catching and contemporary.

Get inspired

Check out our Pinterest and our Houzz profiles for project ideas and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration. Even better – give us a call and chat through your requirements! Everyone’s gardens are different, and the best way to get exactly what you want is to tell us exactly what you want.

Discover The Fitrite Range

Whether you are just looking for a Fitrite Deck, or adding Balustrading and Fencing for your entire outdoor space, you can learn more right here. Finish the project off with EasyConnect lighting, or official Fitrite Accessories.